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Calculations to realize targets

During the final months of the year, most companies are racing to realize their targets...

Son Güncelleme: 01.11.2013

In 2013 this has a rather special meaning... The Gezi Park protests, the decisions taken by the FED, the dollar exchange rate and the fluctuations in interest rates have increased the pressure on many sectors. For this reason, many companies are pinning their hopes on the last two months.

Many companies are calculating how to “close the gap”. As a result, in many sectors from clothing to retailing, automotives, information technology and small household appliances, close to 35-40 per cent of sales are done in the final quarter of the year. It is precisely for this reason that companies are doing whatever they can to use these last months well.   

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It is companies in white goods, technology, clothing and retailing that are experiencing the greatest difficulties in meeting their year-end targets. Many companies in the small household appliances and white goods sectors, which had been targeting growth of 5-6 per cent this year, have revised their targets.

Murat Kolbaşı, the head of Arzum Electrical Household Appliances, says that they have reduced their growth rate from 10 per cent to 8 per cent and that they will try to close the gap by focusing on new products and promotions during the last quarter of the year, when they realize 40 per cent of their sales.

“We shall continue our promotional campaigns,” says Kolbaşı. Indesit Company Turkey Country Manager Turgay Dağ says that they are meeting their sales targets but that they have had to revise their Euro-denominated turnover targets.  
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