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CEOS' dream companies

We wanted them to explain how their companies became popular.

Son Güncelleme: 01.02.2012

Capital conducted its "CEOs' Favorite Companies" survey for the seventh time this year. 176 members of the CEO Club answered the question: "Apart from your own company, which company would you most like to be CEO of?" The leading company in the high level executives' dreams was, once again, Turkcell. It was followed by Doğuş Holding and Coca-Cola. The results of the survey also revealed the factors that are attractive to business leaders. 17.1 percent of the CEOs questioned said that the most important criterion that made a company attractive was "global vision". The other criteria for them choosing certain companies included "management quality" with 14.7 percent, "corporate prestige" with 14.1 percent, "competitiveness" also with 14.1 percent and "innovative ability" with 12.3 percent. This year we also asked those who occupy the leading positions in the most popular companies which of the professionals' criteria they liked the most. We wanted them to explain  how their companies became popular.

Turkcell's secret is innovation
For the last seven years, Turkcell has ranked first amongst the company that CEOs in Turkey most want to work in. Turkcell is a market leader with turnover of TL 9 billion and the CEOs said that the most important factor making them want to work there was its "innovative ability." 23.7 percent of the CEOs who said that they wanted to work at Turkcell identified this quality as something that they liked about the company. Turkcell CEO Sürreya Ciliv says that innovation is in the company's DNA, and adds: "We regard innovation as any idea that can be turned to economic or social benefit. Our call centers in places such as Erzurum, Diyarbakır and Eskişehir provide employment in every corner of the country and are the best example of innovation. We are proud of our past success, of course, but it is the future that really excites us."

Doğuş's reputation fuels its drive
The Doğuş Group, which ranked eighth last year, has risen rapidly up the rankings of the CEOs' favorite companies this year to second place. Heading the list of criteria which make the Doğuş Group attractive to CEOs is "corporate prestige". Doğuş Group CEO Hüsnü Akhan says: "We are a company which includes transparency and accountability as a criterion in all of our applications and we have designed all of our activities so that they will contribute to society. This strengthens our stable, reliable image. On the other hand, the vision of the group's local and foreign partners has a large share in our strong image."  
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