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Foreigners will pour into retailing

In the last few years more than 50 foreign brands have entered the retail sector in Turkey. This number is expected to rise rapidly as the economy continues to recover and more world-famous brands ...

Son Güncelleme: 01.03.2006

In the last few years more than 50 foreign brands have entered the retail sector in Turkey. This number is expected to rise rapidly as the economy continues to recover and more world-famous brands come to Turkey. Fashion brands such as H & M, C & A, Prada, Gap and Conbipel have made their own investments, while many more have entered the country through representative agreements. Experts say that this trend will continue in the future.

During a visit at the end of 2005, Santo Versace, board chair of Versace, one of the leading global fashion giants, announced that the company was planning to make an investment in Turkey. Versace said: “We are interested in Turkey. An investment will follow when the necessary conditions are in place and the market is ready.”

Versace has yet to announce the details of its investments in Turkey. But the interest of foreigners in Turkey continues. It is noticeable that a large proportion of those who have entered the country recently are in retailing. A lot of companies have already entered, from technology to foodstuffs, clothing and cosmetics; and others are preparing to come in.

When one looks at the figures a similar picture appears. In the last 2-3 years alone more than 50 brands have come to Turkey from foodstuffs to clothing, restaurants and electronics. And not just anyone, many global brands are now well-established on the Turkish market. One of these is Burberrys. The brand was brought to Turkey by Eren Holding and its store in Istanbul is one of the largest it has anywhere in the world. The holding plans to increase the number of its stores to five. Of course, the biggest rumor in retailing in recent years has been that ‘Wal-Mart will come to Turkey’ and it looks as though this will happen year.

Cevahir Shopping Center, which is the largest shopping centre in Europe and was on the agenda last year, is important in terms of promoting new retailing brands to Turkey. Debenhams is one of the most important foreign retailing brands which opened its first store in Turkey in the Cevahir Shopping Center. The brand, which was brought to Turkey by the Shaya Group, opened its first store at the Cevahir Shopping Center.

Other brands include the electronics and hi-tech products supermarket chain Medimax, Le Future which sells electronic brands, the clothing stores Club Monaco, Next, Oysho, Guess for Stradivarius, Bershka, LD, Pull & Bear, the shoe store Guiseppo, the clothing brand Zara, the household textiles store Zara Home, and As Watson Mass cosmetics.

New Brands will come to Kanyon
Many new brands are expected to come to Kanyon, which is due to open in April in the Levent neighborhood of Istanbul. The British luxury clothing brand Harvey Nichols will be one of those which will be in the centre. This brand will be brought by Unitim, the Turkish representative for Tommy Hilfiger. Abdurrahman Kansu, who is the general manager of the company which has already introduced brands such as Gas, Custo Barcelano and Camper to Turkey, says: “When it opens, the store will be the largest in Kanyon covering an area of 5,000-8,000 square meters.” Kansu says that they need to digest this investment first and that they will make decisions about other investments later. Kanyon will have around 170 stores, In addition to the British retail clothing giant Harvey Nichols, Kanyon will introduce the population of Istanbul to over 30 new brands, including Intersport, Conbipel, Douglas and Wagamama which will all be coming to Turkey for the first time. Douglas, which is one of the largest cosmetics chains in Europe will also be in Kanyon. It will make the investment as Douglas Parfumeri Ltd. Şti.

Taner Kenar, the general manager of the company which specializes in luxury products, says: “We shall open a second store in Istanbul in 2006 and then one in Izmir.”

Turkey will be the 18th country in which Douglas has opened a store. It is said that Conbipel and Guess Accessories, which will also be in Kanyon, will be brought by Demsa.

Other Kanyon brands
One of the other brands which will come to Turkey for the first time with Kanyon is Hakkasan, one of the most stylish and fashionable Chinese restaurants in London. Wagamama, which it is said will be brought by Pizza Restoranlari A.Ş., the representative of Domino’s Pizza, is a simple, modern, canteen-style Japanese restaurant.

Apple Center will be one of the first IT concept stores in Turkey. Le Pain Quotidien, which takes an innovative approach to traditional bread products, is a Belgian café chain. Nataly’s is a famous French children’s clothing brand.

The stylish Italian shoe brand Cesare Paciotti, Murphy & Nye, which sells clothes and sailing products, and the innovative Brazilian jeans brand Ellus will also establish a presence in Turkey through Kanyon.

The Mandarina Duck store, which sells casual style Italian bags and accessories, will be opened by Nurus Mobilya. Nurus, which previously sold the products in its own stores, will make the store investment for the brand.

Which brands are coming?

Brand Being brought by Comments   
Alexander McQueen Itself The brand will be sold in Arena Giyim’s Informal stores. Will open a store in Nişantaşı.
Bally Unknown Bally, the Swiss shoe and clothing brand is expected to come to Turkey.
Boots Shaya The famous British retailer of health and beauty products currently sells in 10 countries.
C&A Itself The German-Belgian C & A is preparing to open its first store in 2007.
Conbipel  Demsa The store that will be opened in Kanyon will have women’s, men’s and children’s collections.
Dolce&Gabana Beymen Reached the stage of looking for store premises in Nişantaşı.
Douglas Itself Douglas, which is one of the largest cosmetics chains in Europe, will open a store in Kanyon.
Ellus Derin Giyim Ellus, the innovative Brazilian jeans brand, will come to Turkey through Kanyon.
Fendi Beymen The famous brand is looking for suitable store premises in Nişantaşı.
Furla Vetrina The Italian leather bags, shoes and accessories brand will open a store in Kanyon.
Gap Shaya It is said that this world famous brand will also be brought by Shaya.
Georg Jensen PMC The famous design firm will open a store containing all of its products.
Giorgio Armani Arena Giyim Is said to have conducted feasibility studies with Arena Giyim, Armani’s representative in Turkey.
H&M Itself The Swedish clothing giant is amongst those expected to come to Turkey.
Harvey Nichols Unitim The famous British fashion giant will open a store n Kanyon Shopping Center.
Intersport Sporting Intersport is one of the most famous sports brands in the world with sales in 32 countries.
Mandarina Duck Nurus Mobilya Will open a separate shop for the products which are currently sold in Nurus stores.
Otantic Itself The US clothing and interior décor retail brand is amongst those expected to come to Turkey.
Perle Unknown Perle, which is one of the main eyeglasses brands in Europe, is studying coming to Turkey.
Prada Beymen Prada, one of the biggest selling brands in the world, is looking at a store in Nişantaşı.
Sephora Itself Sephora, which has already entered the Turkish market, is said to be looking to open new stores.
Wagamama Pizza Restoranları AŞ Wagamama, a simple modern Japanese restaurant, is also amongst those which will come to Turkey.