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In fact, targeting globalization came onto the major groups’ agenda in the 2000s.

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Some very significant progress has been made since then. Today 19 holdings, including giants such as Koç, Sabancı, Zorlu, Anadolu, Doğuş and Fiba, have 300 companies, 64 production facilities and 70,000 employees abroad. So how global are these groups which have reached this stage? It emerged that of the 19 holdings the ones which had made the greatest progress towards globalization were Koç Holding, theAnadolu Group and Zorlu Holding.

IN ONE of his analyses, the famous strategist and management guru Donald Sull said: "It is not necessary to have operations in 80 countries around the world in order to be a global company." He believes that, contrary to common opinion, being big is not a prerequisite. Sull says: "Companies which come from developing countries and succeed in becoming global, travel the entire world for good ideas and adapt them to their own ways." So what other kind of criteria are required in order to become a global company? In fact, all the experts have their own definitions and criteria for being global. In order to assess the progress that the leading groups in Turkey have made towards globalization we conducted an analysis according to eight basic criteria. These criteria
included: having foreign partners, the company being present, having production facilities and a brand in various places around the world, having a certain number of employees abroad, and being able to sell products across a wide geographical area. The other important criteria were the volume of the group’s foreign trade and how much of their revenue they secured from abroad. We  evaluated the information shared with us by 19 holdings according to the methods suggested by foreign gurus. We graded the results of the research out of 100 points. The points that each holding received according to the eight criteria were collected together and the groups ranked. According to these results, first place in the table went to Koç Holding with 66.1 points. The other holdings which had made the most progress on the way to globalization were the Anadolu Group with 52.2 points and the Zorlu Group with 51.7 points.

Management gurus say that the basic criterion for whether a company is or is not global is whether it secures more than 50 percent of its revenue from outside the country. When we look at the foreign revenue of the 19 groups from this perspective, we see that only two holdings meet this criterion. Last year, Zorlu Holding earned 75 percent of its revenue from operations abroad. Vestel, which realized $3 billion worth of exports in 2011, played an important role in the group’s performance in this regard. After the sale of Finansbank, Fiba Holding, which secured 57.1 percent of its revenues from abroad, focused on the financial sector abroad and shopping centers and retailing in neighboring countries such as Russia and  performance in this regard.  
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