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In some companies this process takes 2-3 years, in others it can be up to 7 years.

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IT used to be believed that it was always surprise moves that needed to be made. People loved to shock their rivals. These were the materials from which they made their quantum leaps. This is was Jack Welch's main strategy as looked to reshape GE. He took the first step in this direction during his early years as CEO when he bought the communications giant RCA together with NBC television for $6.28 billion. As a result of this acquisition, the company's turnover rose rapidly from $27.2 billion to $28.2 billion. Quantum leap is a term which has passed from quantum physics into the business community. It is used to describe unexpected growth. Sometimes it can take 10-20 years for a company to record a quantum leap, at others they can reach a very different level in 1-2 years. It is not just GE. Throughout history, many companies in the business world have achieved success through quantum leaps.

ıncreasıng speed
How, and how frequently, there are quantum leaps varies from country to country and from company to company. In the world as a whole, the growth of Apple is regarded as one of the best examples of a quantum leap.
The best example of a quantum leap through mergers and acquisitions is Google's purchase of Youtube. Experts say that,through this acquisition, Google took innovative technology to a new level.


turks are reactıve


Many successful firms in Turkey can be seen to have realized quantum leaps on the way to growth. Experts say that the most successful examples include Koç Holding becoming one of the main players in banking through the acquisition of Yapı Kredi and becoming one of the giants in energy through the addition of Tüpraş. One of the best examples of quantum leaps in the international arena is Ülker's purchase of Godiva. Ali Midillili, partner at MSearch Consulting, observes: "Companies in the Turkish business world are reactive not proactive. This shows that we are good followers and compliers rather than being innovators or pioneers." Ramazan Aktas, a professor at TOBB University of Economics and Technology, notes that it is now time for companies to emphasize innovation.

when does one leap?
Coming to when and how frequently companies in Turkey have performed quantum leaps... Many companies in Turkey undergo what can be regarded as quantum leaps every 2-7 years. As experts emphasize, these leaps frequently occur when there are mergers and acquisitions.Vitra, which is one of the most successful companies in Turkey, is in this category... Until the 1990s, Vitra was performing subcontracting manufacturing for global giants, and then from the 1990s it began to give importance to branding. Over the last three years, the brands it has bought have resulted in it performing three quantum leaps. In 2005 the company became the owner of Enger, which was one of the best known ceramics companies in Germany, in 2007 it bought the tiling division of Villeroy and Boch and in 2008 it acquired Burgbad, the leader of the European luxury bathroom furniture market.  

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