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Kibar's new growth strategy

"At the moment we are working on something in Syria and Jordan. In addition, in Kazakhstan and Oman we are planning making investments of different sizes in local companies."

Son Güncelleme: 01.03.2011

The holding has 20 companies in nine different fields. How is your turnover distributed?
-  In 2010, our turnover was more than $3.2 billion... Approximately $1.2 billion of this came from automotives. Most of the rest, around 80-85 percent was from the iron-steel group.

Capital:  Where do you see Kibar Holding in 2015?
- We shall maintain our presence in automotives and the automotive supply industry. Our new investments in stainless steel in the aluminium and iron-steel field will come on stream in the near future, and for that reason our position in the sector will be stronger. In addition to this, we have some serious plans in logistics and we shall grow in this field. In terms of foreign sales, I think that the emphasis we give to our marketing in the metal sector will result in an increase in volume. In addition to all of these, we may also enter the real estate development field. We want to specialize more in our sectors.

Capital: What plans do you have in real estate?
-  We have some industrial companies in urban areas in Istanbul and we may relocate some of these to other areas. We may transform some of these sites inside the city into housing and residential projects. But this is a long-term plan and I think it will be five years or more before we enter this sector.

Capital: Are you interested in any other cities?
-  In fact, we are trying to concentrate on our main operating areas. Because every new sector requires new energy, new concentration. Moreover, we may leave areas which are outside the structure of our holding. We may leave consumer financing.

Capital: Are you planning any new foreign partnerships?
-  In automotives, we shall increase our capacity with our partner Hyundai. We are also working on plans to increase our capacity in our partnership with the Hanil Group. We are continuing with our partnership with the Swiss Sicpa Group in Sicpa Assan, which produces security units. We are beginning production in Kocaeli in our $350 million investment with POSCO and Daewoo International. There will soon be a long-term strategic partnership in Iskenderun Port, which we have just completed. We are currently working in Syria and Jordan on projects which will enable us to achieve our targets in markets in the Middle East and Iraq. These investments will be 100 percent owned by us. We are planning on making investments of different sizes in local companies in Kazakhstan and Oman. In fact, we are waiting for the Middle East to calm down a little before we make these investments

Capital:  When will your $350 million investment come on stream?
-  It will have a capacity of 200,000 tons. This means that, after the first phase becomes operational in April 2013, it will provide us with an increase of $800 million in our turnover. Once the second phase of this project becomes operational, which will be in 2014 or 2015 at the earliest, then output will rise to 400,000 to 600,000 tons. If production grows to 400,000 tons then this means turnover of $1.6-1.7 billion. Of course, if output increases to 600,000 then turnover will rise to $2.4 billion.  
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