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Major pause

First the Gezi protests, followed by the FED announcement and the 17 December corruption probes...

Son Güncelleme: 01.02.2014

As a result of the turmoil on the markets, the business community has begun to take preventative measures before the ink is even dry on their budgets.  A survey of 139 leading executives who are members of the CEO Club found that 61.2 per cent had made plans to “postpone investments”. The list of investments that will be postponed is headed by “human resources”.

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Moreover, 31.1 percent said that they are unable to forecast when they will be able to implement the postponed investments. Despite this picture, there are also those who will push ahead. They say “We won’t give

The results of a survey by Capital magazine of the members of the CEO Club showed that, in the prevailing environment, 61.2 per cent of CEOs say that they are going to halt or postpone investments.

The list of measures to be taken by CEOs who are planning to postpone investments is headed by “halting the employment of human resources” with 16 per cent. One of these CEOs is Selçuk Tümay, the Turkey General Manager for Pernod Ricard, the French drinks giant.

“We have postponed recruitment of new personnel and our plans for the launch of new products,” he says. Tümay explains that they took the decision to postpone investments because of the political and economic uncertainty and the volatility in the foreign exchange rate.   
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