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Mutiple Growth Plans

With ten years to go until 2023, the leading groups and companies in Turkey are making their five-year projections.

Son Güncelleme: 01.08.2013

They have already long since drawn up their maps of the future, including identifying which sections growth will come from, where there will be opportunities and where there will be risks. They include those who are aiming to grow by more than the country or the sectoral average over the next five years and there are even those who are planning fifteen-fold growth in their turnovers. It is striking that the five-year growth plans for the 40 companies that shape the Turkish economy and which participated in our survey are extremely upbeat.

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There are many groups which are giving a special importance to the energy sector in their five-year growth plans. These groups plan to source a large proportion of their revenue from energy in five years’ time. These companies include SFTA, Kipa§, Eren and Akkok Holding. SFTA Group CEO Mehmet Ali Neyzi says that they plan to increase their turnover, which is currently TL 1.253 billion, 4.3 fold over the next five years. Today, the construction, energy and machinery sectors account for approximately equal shares of the group’s turnover. Neyzi says that in 2017 the lion’s share will come from the energy sector and continues as follows: “In the construction sector, our ENR 100 vision will continue every year. We shall achieve spectacular growth in the energy sector. In our energy group, it is only in the natural gas sector that we have any turnover. But we are planning significant investments in both electricity and renewable energy. Our turnover will grow significantly in these areas. We planning both to grow our gas business and to invest in areas such as wind and solar energy. The holding also has company acquisitions on its agenda. We are evaluating new acquisition opportunities in the natural gas distribution sector. New investments in electricity production and trading are also on our agenda.”

When we look at the groups that have ambitious targets for five years from now, the plans of three clothing companies are striking. Each of the three players is preparing to triple its turnover. Mudo Board Chair Mustafa Taviloğlu says that they will triple in size by increasing their turnover of TL 361 million by an average of 25 percent every year. “Approximately 60 percent of our turnover comes from clothing, 37 percent from furniture and home decor and 3 percent from our other sales,” he says: “In 2017, clothing will again account for 60 percent of our turnover.”

Aydınlı Group Deputy Board Chair Ahmet Said Kavurmacı says that their 2012 turnover of TL 685 million will triple over the next five years. Kavurmacı says that clothing accounts for most of their turnover and describes their ambitious targets as follows: “We are planning to increase our turnover by an average of 20 percent a year to TL 1.35 billion in clothing and in construction to TL 700 million. If we eliminate our country risks, then I don’t see any obstacle to Turkish entrepreneurs acquiring hundreds of global brands which will be rank amongst the leading ones worldwide in every sector.”

Four of the 40 companies that participated in our sector are major players in the finance sector. Meral Eredenk, CEO of the insurance and private pensions company Avivasa Hayat ve Emeklilik, says that they will increase their turnover of TL 777.2 million to TL 2.657 billion by 2017.  
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