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My good fortune

Each one of them cites what they describe as “my good fortune” as making a difference.

Son Güncelleme: 01.05.2012

In recent years more women executives have been coming to the fore on the boards of giant holdings and at the head of influential NGOs. Capital’s list of the “30 Most Powerful Businesswomen In Turkey”, which has now become a tradition, supports this assertion. It is striking that the number of women executives who are being added to the list grows every year. Their success is based on factors such as determination, ambition and working very hard. According to the most powerful women executives in Turkey “good fortune” is also an important factor. Each one of them cites what they describe as “my good fortune” as making a difference.

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Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, who heads Akbank, is the third most powerful woman in Turkey, Sabancı Dinçer believes that the greatest good fortune in her career was choosing the right profession, “Banking is a sector which is dynamic and constantly changing as a result of technological developments and market movements, I understand better now that these characteristics make it very suitable as a career for someone like me who is open to development and change,” she says, Dinçer says that she has been part of the change the Turkish banking sector has undergone in the last 25 years and describes this as an opportunity for herself, adding: “To be involved in several crisis and changes and to be able to guide the process in a professionally satisfying manner was great good fortune for me, For me, the restructuring process which we implemented at Akbank after the 2001 crisis is a very important example in this regard, I also regard myself as being fortunate in working since the beginning of my career with very valuable mentors such as Oğuz Karahan, Erol Sabancı and Andrew Buxton,”


İdil Yiğitbaşı, who heads Yaşar Holding, believes that taking the right steps at the beginning of her career has been what has brought her to her current success, Yiğitbaşı regards having a position in Yaşar Holding,
whose consolidated turnover has today reached TL 3 billion, as the greatest piece of good fortune in her life, and continues as follows: “My father Selçuk Yaşar was one of the most important entrepreneurs in Turkey and
my greatest piece of good fortune was serving under his leadership. As a result of my father's entrepreneurship, our holding became the leader in many sectors and I had the opportunity to acquire experience many diverse fields. This also provided me with the chance to learn from experience. In terms of my career, the greatest opportunity was the support provided by my father Selçuk Yaşar for me working at the Pınar Group. I believe that the experience acquired here benefited me considerably in terms of customer- and consumer-focused management, value chain management, brand management, marketing and human relations.”  
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