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New targets in production

So, should companies in Turkey take the domestic or foreign market as a basis for production?

Son Güncelleme: 01.06.2013

Akfen Holding Chair Hamdi Akın says: “We don’t need to stay local.” He believes that companies should produce for foreign markets. Sanko Holding Board Chair Abdulkadir Konukoglu favors a balanced distribution. Bosses such as Ali Abalıoğlu, Ali Kibar and Vahap Küçük think that companies should first conquer the domestic market. The fact that so many foreigners have been drawn to Turkey by the dynamism of the domestic market makes the debate more heated. So, should companies in Turkey take the domestic or foreign market as a basis for production?

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“We don’t need to remain local. We should be completely international. When people talk about the new generation what come to mind are people who have an international location and produce for foreign markets, Companies should include producing for foreign markets in their founding charter. If not, you will end up shouting ‘We have the best apples and tomatoes’...”

As can be understood from these words, Akfen Holding Board Chair Hamdi Akin sees growth as lying on the other side of Turkey’s borders. He believes that companies in Turkey should produce according to demand and developments abroad. Mutlu Batteries Board Chair Ali Nuri Türker agrees with Hamdi Akin. He argues that goods and services must be able to be consumed anywhere in the world.

İnoksan Board Chair Vehbi Varlık says: “We have witnessed how companies which stay local merely tread water while those who produce for foreign markets record rapid growth. Those who produce mostly for the foreign market are always one step ahead.”

On the other hand, there are those who draw attention to the potential of the domestic market. Many bosses insist that one needs to focus on Turkey. Abalıoğlu Holding Board Chair Ali Abalıoğlu highlights the country’s rapid development and notes that it has become a very attractive market for the entire world. He says that for this reason the merciless conditions of global competition also apply on the domestic market and that it is a market which one should never take lightly. Some bosses maintain that first conquering the domestic market is a prerequisite for success. LC Waikiki Board Chair Vahap Küçük argues that a company must definitely focus on the domestic market and be successful there.

Küçük says that those companies which have not been successfully domestically and have not achieved a certain size will find it very difficult to be successful abroad. “We only decided to take our leadership abroad after we had achieved a certain size on the market. We are aiming to be one of the three most successful clothing companies in Europe,” he says.  
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