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In Turkey, the sectors began to grow in the 1980s.

Son Güncelleme: 01.09.2012

The opening up to the rest of the world in the 1990s changed their dimensions. The 2000s were characterized by branding and corporate mergers and acquisitions. The point we have reached today, that is to say the latest trend, is for advances in many sectors. The features that will make their mark on this era are concepts such as acquisitions abroad, consolidations, R & D, mobility and digitalization. Here are the latest trends and expectations in the main sectors which provide the life blood for the economy...
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Sabancı Holding Energy Group Head Selahattin Hakman is one of the names that come to mind whenever anyone mentions the energy sector... He believes that the market is in its “third phase”. Hakman summarizes the current period and what it will bring as follows: “Until the 1990s, everything was done by the state. Then there were investments using the Build-Operate and the Build-Operate-Transfer models. In 2001, the creation of the Energy Markets’ Board (EPK) heralded the beginning of a period of liberalization. During this period, which can describe as the third phase, the sector has been growing and developing with an electricity market which is fully competitive and functional. When this phase is complete, which will take three to four years, Turkey will have a more competitive structure. The share of autoproduction and companies which produce freely, which currently stands at 35 percent, will rise to 70-75 percent. I also expect some consolidation in the sector.”

Kiğılı is one of the companies which has grown with the clothing sector and itself experienced every phase through which it has passed. Kiğılı CEO Hilal Suerdem says that the clothing sector is currently in its fourth phase. This phase has two main characteristics. The first is “the customer is king” concept and the second is “opening up to the world”. Suerdem made the following evaluation: “In the phase we are in at the moment, it is the consumer who has the sole say. Now brands are trying to become the consumers’ favorites. Products are being shaped by consumer preferences. Brands which are able to provide quality, suitable prices and fashion secure their place amongst the favorites. At the conclusion of this phase, brands will have learned to give greater importance to offering quality products at a suitable price. Design capabilities will develop.”  
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