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The Companies Inn Demand!

The Boydak group is receiving offers from European and US companies. The owner’s experience means that the Universal Hospital’s Group is being inundated with offers. Ülker is perhaps one of the com...

Son Güncelleme: 01.01.2010

The Boydak group is receiving offers from European and US companies. The owner’s experience means that the Universal Hospital’s Group is being inundated with offers. Ülker is perhaps one of the companies which is most in demand. It is not just them, there are tens of Turkish companies which are being flooded with offers. Companies which have high dividends and profit margins are receiving offers such as “Let’s buy you” or “Let’s be partners” or “Let’s cooperate”. Companies which are unable to grow are going to companies with a strong financial structure and saying: “Buy us”. Here are the 25 companies which have lines forming outside their doors and are receiving the most offers, together with details of the offers they are receiving.














There has recently been a lot of activity on the mergers and acquisitions market. Many Turkish companies are being flooded with offers from local and foreign groups. It is not only buyers who are responsible for the increase in activity. Companies which have caught the eye as a result of their strong financial structure are also receiving a lot of offers from companies which have hit bottlenecks in terms of growth and which, have a result, become ripe for acquisition.

When one looks at the fields of activity of the companies that are receiving acquisition or partnership offers, it is noticeable that most are in the energy, logistics, health, retailing, foodstuffs, mining and infrastructure sectors. Experts confirm this situation. Representatives from Ernst & Young say that most of the transactions that took place in 2009 were in production, retailing, energy and financial services.

PDF Corporate Financing Managing Partner Levent Bosut says that Turkish companies which produce fast moving consumer goods, target the end consumer and have a strong brand are particularly attractive and are receiving a lot of partnership proposals.

On the other hand, the Turkic Republics, which have not been very much affected by the crisis, stand out as a result of the offers they have made for companies active in energy and infrastructure.

Foreigners’ Interest In Health
In the last few years there has been unprecedented movement in the health sector in Turkey. A string of private hospitals have been established. Some have been successful, others have got into financial difficulties. Those who have been successful have been receiving visits both from investors who are interested in this field and those companies which have been finding it difficult to survive.

Those which have achieved outstanding success and are receiving partnership offers are headed by Memorial and the Universal Hospitals Group.














Intense Activity In Retailing
There are several companies in clothing and foodstuffs retailing who have attracted attention when it comes to offers. For example, Orka Group Board Chairman Süleyman Orakçıoğlu comments that some firms from Europe, the Gulf and America are continually asking to come together with them.

MOL, which is growing rapidly both domestically and abroad, is one of the companies which has been eyed up by funds from many countries, from the USA to Italy, Hawaii and Kazakhstan. Funds have been repeatedly contacting MOL with offers of partnerships and cooperation.

Amongst supermarket chains, Kiler and KİM are the companies which have received the most visits from buyers and sellers. Kiler, which favours inorganic growth, is the focus more of small regional supermarkets than the giants. The company is mostly receiving offers from Anatolian chains asking “Buy us.”

Nilüfer Gözütok