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The critical turning point that led to the summit

Women are becoming more powerful in Turkish business world every year.

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The "30 Most Powerful Businesswomen in Turkey" list, which Capital has been compiling for the last 11 years, is an important indication of this progress... When women become executives, the decisions they take are not only about the world of business. It becomes vitally important to strike a balance between work and family life. The list of the 30 Most Powerful Businesswomen in Turkey is composed of those who have successful passed this critical test. These 30 powerful names, who shape the Turkish economy, explain the decisions in their business and private lives that have brought them to where they are today.

"My phılosophy of goıng out ın the fıeld was the correct one"

Akbank Board Chair Suzan Sabancı Dincer manages one of the largest privately-owned banks in Turkey and is the third most powerful woman in the country... She attributes the success she has achieved at Akbank to the restructuring she and her team implemented after the 2001 crisis. Dincer describes this decision, which represents a critical turning point in her career, as follows: "After the 2011 crisis we knew that banking was entering a new era and that we should be ready. The restructuring process, which we entitled the 'New Horizons Project', resulted in us developing an organization which was based completely on the customer, from the branches to the headquarters. Instead of constructing a new building from scratch, we renovated the existing building, despite the various difficulties we faced. The most important change was altering the ways of doing business to which we had become accustomed. During this process I adopted the principle of getting out in the field, of being close to the branches and making frequent visits, and this made a major
contribution to my taking the right decisions. At that time, I was a plenipotentiary member of the board of director. When I look back at it today, I think we managed the process correctly. I believe that we are today reaping the benefits of my resolution and decisiveness at that time. I believe that the priority that was given to customer relations management and technological infrastructure was very important in terms of positioning the bank."
Turkey's 30 most powerful women
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