Capital'e abone olun.

The grandchildren take the reins

They were founded by the fathers,grown by the sons and now it is the return of the grandsons.

Son Güncelleme: 01.08.2010

“MY GRANDSON Mehmet Tara became deputy general manager of Enka when he was 25 years old. He is also an engineer and is working as the second person in Moscow. Everyone speaks well of him. I am also pleased by this.”
These are the words of Şarık Tara, the founder of Enka Holding. At Enka, which is one of the largest holdings in Turkey with a turnover of TL 7.8 billion and a workforce of 26,232, Mehmet Tara is the first of the third generation of executives. There are high expectations of the grandson of Şarık Tara, the founder of the group. Tara has spoken about these expectations on a number of different occasions. He says that Mehmet Tara will assume greater responsibilities in the years ahead and will be responsible for the future of the group.
If one looks at it, there has been a boom in third generation executives in Turkey in recent years. In many groups, the third generation members of the family have begun to enter management. In some groups, they are at the preparatory stage.
İzzet Özilhan, the son of Anadolu Board Chairman Tuncay Özilhan, is working in Moscow for the Greek giant the Hellenic Bottler Company, Coca Cola’s bottler in Moscow. Tuncay Özilhan is particularly keen for his son to gain experience at Coca Cola, and management experts say that he has made the right choice.
Özilhan also has two daughters. The eldest daughter of the family works in middle management in the group’s healthcare division, the Anadolu Health Center. Until recently, the other daughter was working in lower levels of management in one of the group’s companies but she is now working for a foreign insurance firm in fund management.
Another member of the third generation at the Anadolu Group is Kamil Yazıcı’s grandson of the same name Kamil Yazıcı. Just like İzzet Özilhan, Yazıcı is being prepared for the future in Russia. He serves in the Efes Group’s Russian operations.
Another group which has entered the era of the third generation in the last five years is Boydak Holding. İlyas Boydak began work at the group in 2003, Deniz Boydak in 2005, and Mehmet Emin Boydak in 2007. These members of the new generation of executives at Boydak are all graduates of Bilkent University and have all begun their careers at the lowest level. The first job of Mehmet Emin Boydak, who is the latest to join the group, was as a sales assistant. Boydak, who was promoted at the beginning of last year, now works as a regional representative at the main distribution company, İspaş Pazarlama, which provides services to the Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions.
Another member of the third generation of executives is İlyas Boydak. The first job that was given to İlyas Boydak, who is the eldest son of Boydak Board Chairman Hacı Boydak, was being responsible for exports at Hes Kablo. Boydak, who looks certain to be eventually appointed to head the entire organization is currently Foreign Trade Marketing Manager.
There is a striking amount of movement in the third generation in the textile and clothing sector. The leading companies in this regard as Sarar, Boyner and İpekyol. The Sarar Companies Group, which employs a total of 5,000 personnel, is one of the most aggressive groups when it comes to appointing the third generation. At the beginning of 2010, the group’s honorary president. Cemalettin Sarar, handed over the role of CEO to Ali Emre Sarar, the son of his brother Celaleddin Sarar.   
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