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The real growth will occur in 2014

Akkök Holding CEO Ahmet Dördüncü spoke for the first about his new post to Capital.

Son Güncelleme: 01.05.2013

Four months ago, in a surprise move, Ahmet Dördüncü, the former CEO of Sabancı Holding, was appointed head of Akkök Holding. This experienced businessman spent his first 90 days getting to know the group and finalizing his goals and says that he found the group to be sound and to have completed its sectoral focus. He explains that the group is focused on sectors which have a bright future, such as energy, chemicals and real estate and that it will go on the offensive in these areas. Akkök Holding CEO Ahmet Dördüncü spoke for the first about his new post to Capital. He answered our questions on a range of issues, from him taking up his position to his future targets. the same size this year as we were in 2012.

We shall continue at the same size not because of the business but as a result of our own preferences. In summer 2014 we shall bring a very large plant into operation. But, before the beginning of the year, we shall consolidate our existing energy portfolio, get rid of those which are out of date and put new ones into operation. As a result, we shall experience the real growth in 2014. This year will be a year of preparation for us.

Which of your businesses has been affected by the global turmoil?
- The global turmoil has affected business, of course. Aksa is in a very important place. It has annual exports of nearly $450 million. Almost 7-8 percent of Aksa’s exports have shifted from the West to the Middle East. Yes, we have been affected by the crisis but we have been less affected by it. There was no decline in our exports in 2012. Our exports remained at roughly the same level.

How much longer do you expect the turmoil to continue?
- The economy in the US is more durable than the one in Europe. It looks as if the US

Capital: What is expected of you at Akkok Holding?
- In the approximately four months since I was appointed to my post, we have designed the expectations together. We evaluated the past, present and the future of the sectors in which the holding is active. The sectors in which its companies are active are really very well chosen sectors. Growth in Turkey will be focused on these three sectors. As a result, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time searching for something new. We are in agreement with our shareholders that what is needed is to build on what we have.  
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