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Those who grew several times more than their sectors

One in ten of the companies in Capital 500 has posted record growth over the last five years.

Son Güncelleme: 01.10.2011

These 50 companies have succeeded in growing at least twice as much as their own sectors and left their rivals trailing in their wake. Ağaoğlu İnşaat ranks first with a growth rate of 25.3 fold. It is followed by Goldaş Kuyumculuk and Hedef Allianz. Here are the five secrets of those that have grown several times faster than their sectors.
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Strong human resources
The main shared characteristic of those companies which are leaders in their sectors and as a result both increase their own turnovers and grow the market is strong human resources. It is the companies which say "Our personnel are our greatest asset" and who apply this principle that finish first. Erhan Baş, general manager of Bilim İlaç, which grew four times as fast as its own sector, says they always put their employees first and adds: "I believe that investments in HR have a higher rate of return than investments in technology and capital. Because now success is based on teamwork and the ability to create mature, talented, creative teams who are devoted to the company."

Customer-focused strategies

Another shared characteristic of companies which have grown more than the market is their customer-centred approach. Executives at all of the companies, regardless of the sector, said that they put their customers first. One of them is the Efes Group, which grew twice as much as the drinks sector as a whole. Saltuk Ertop, Efes Group Director for Corporate Relations, Regulation and Administrative Affairs, explained the secrets of rapid growth as follows: "We follow our consumers' agenda very closely and we have a very strong relationship with them. Our

Sustainable economy approach
What has enabled Akçansa to succeed in increasing its turnover by 41.5 percent over the last five years, while the cement market as a whole has grown by 19 percent, is its strategy of sustainability. Akçansa General Manager Hakan Gürdal explains how they have grown by 2.2 times the rate of the sector as a whole as follows: "One of our most important priorities is growth that focuses on sustainability. Within this context, in addition to investments in renewable energy resources, continuing environmentally friendly investments, accelerating our work on recycling and waste management, continually developing health and safety at work and our work on corporate special responsibility form our most important goals."  
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