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We are pursuing new leagues with a cavalier vision

ADNAN BALİ, who has been appointed the new general manager of İş Bankası, is an executive who has been reared within the bank.

Son Güncelleme: 01.06.2011

He has served in many different departments during his 25-year career at İş Bankası years. He says that there will be no change in the bank's concept of management or in its strategy and he adds: "In the future we shall move act with a cavalier vision and look to different leagues by launching drives that strengthen our presence both at home and abroad, including organic growth and acquisitions" Adnan Bali took a break from his intensive work schedule to give his first interview to Capital. He shared his ideas on many different issues, ranging from his concept of leadership to his dream İş Bankası.

How are your first months going?
- I have been working here for 25 years. Coming to what we have done during this first period, we have implemented what we regarded as appropriate changes in the management echelons. In addition, we have appointed a team to work together in implementing and realizing the measures that we have prepared.

Capital: What is your style of management?
- I believe in the success of team work and a collegiate approach. On the other hand, I never adopt an approached which defines a position in formalistic terms. I prefer a concept which is broader, more open and, most importantly, makes a difference. I do not believe there is good or bad business. There is business which is done well and business which is done differently. If we were to highlight just the volume of work then the most important members of our personnel would be the ATMs. Because they work 24 hours a day, do not complain, don't come to us and ask "what will I be?", and they don't get upset or angry. But neither can they think about simplifying the steps in a procedure. As a result, I think that the difference lies in developing business.

Capital: What other principles do you have?
- In business life and life in general, contrary to what is supposed, it is not the clever but the disciplined who are rewarded. On the other hand, I am not someone who advocates a style of personnel management which looks for perfection. In business life, we should be looking for what meets pragmatic needs and solutions that can be implemented. I believe very much in a methodological, measureable way of working.  
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