Acquisitions are always on our agenda

She gives some clues about two important projects that will soon be announced. She says that their turnover has reached TL 3 billion and that they will continue to grow by 10 per cent. “We have doubled our turnover over the last six years.

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Acquisitions are always on our agenda
After three years as president of the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businesspersons’ Association (TÜSİAD), Ümit Boyner has returned to her job at Boyner. Even though she underwent an “orientation” to get used to it, she became adapted very quickly and began to lead some of the group’s most important projects.

She gives some clues about two important projects that will soon be announced. She says that their turnover has reached TL 3 billion and that they will continue to grow by 10 per cent. “We have doubled our turnover over the last six years.

This can serve as a clue for the future,” she says in a message about growth, before adding: “As long as they provide an advantage, acquisitions, competition and geography will always be on our agenda. We are always looking for opportunities on foreign markets.”

You haven’t spoken much with anyone since you stepped down as head of TUSiAD. When you stepped down as president, did you first do things that you had previously postponed?
I had a dream that I would take a long vacation after TUSiAD but, after getting use to such an intensive schedule over the previous three years, it was not easy to hit the brakes,
In country like Turkey which has an intensive agenda, executives at NGOs have to manage every day very well.

After heading an NGO that has as broad an area of activity as TUSiAD it was relatively easy to return to business life, I was able to find the time for myself and my family that I had previously postponed allocating.

What kind of business life did you return to?
I underwent a brief orientation period in order to reintegrate myself after three years into the continuing projects at the group. In the last two years, there have been some significant changes at the Boyner Group in terms of acquisitions and new projects.~
We are preparing a new project in the field of corporate social responsibility. On the other hand, I was elected as a member of Unicredit’s International Advisory Board and of the Global Auditing Board of Euler Hermes,

What fields of business is Boyner active in and in which of them are you most active?
The group has been active in the fabric and textile industry since the founding of Altinyildiz in 1952. We shifted to retailing in the 1970s and retailing is currently our fastest growing field of business with a turnover of over TL 3 billion and more than 13 million registered customers.

In retailing, in addition to stores, the internet and mobile shopping are taking increasing shares. Database management is the area in which we are investing the most. Our goal is to have a presence in the lives of all of our 13 million registered customers through increases in the volume and frequency of products and services.

With this in mind, we are currently going through a process of updating ourselves in both technology and management and product development. Moreover, when you look at Turkey’s demographic structure, you can see that a younger generation is growing up whosehabits and expectations are more original, who are more integrated with the rest of the world and expect continuous innovation.

Over the next 20 years, the working age population of Turkey will continue to grow. By 2013, there will be 65 million people in this portion of the population. It is very important to be able to provide services to this new generation and satisfy them.

This young generation has more sophisticated expectations. Competition and innovation are becoming even more important. Unlike in the past, it is no longer possible for us to express ourselves through simple stores and two main seasons.~
A formula such as “I’ll open a store and the greater variety of products I have for two seasons the more customers I shall have” is no longer valid. If you want to address customers, then you have to make them feel special and continuously renew yourself for them.

How did you close last year? What are your targets for this year?
2013 was a good year for us in which, when adjusted for inflation, we achieved double digit growth. We entered this year with a crisis that had broken in December and fluctuations in the foreign exchange and interest rates.

It has become more difficult to see the future. I do not think that 2014 will be an easy year. There are too many uncertainties. Turkey is facing three elections, a tense political atmosphere and this will influence consumer expectations and confidence, which will affect the retail sector. But we have still based our expectations for the year on a growth rate of 10 per cent in our own business.

What is on your agenda at the moment? What will you prioritize?
The group’s priority will be investments in human resources and innovation. A new generation with different expectations is coming. Things are changing so quickly that we need a continuously new, developed workforce. In this context, we need to continually invest in new people, in young people.

 Developing the group’s human capital is an important priority for the top management. Both the investor and the consumer ecosystems are changing rapidly. The decision-making processes are getting faster and transparency has become essential.~
All economies are continuously open to being affected by each other. For various reasons, censorship of the internet has recently come onto the agenda in Turkey but in today’s world and with today’s technology, it has reached a point where you can only shape the flow of information and people’s decision to a certain degree.


Criticism of TÜSİAD has become commonplace. Politicians don’t generally like to hear criticism. This always happened throughout TÜSİAD’s 41-year history. A globalized business community has to speak about shortcomings in order for realities to be seen and corrections made accordingly. It is a responsibility for those who produce, who create employment and produce labor.

Being the head of TÜSİAD has always been difficult. Every president is faced with the same question. A new president’s task is thought to be more difficult but later a different picture appears. We have always seen this in the past. Mr. Yılmaz is a president who is very devoted to his position and to his responsibilities.

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