A brand's 7 new strengths

Turkey's most valuable brands...

1.09.2011 00:00:000
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A brand's 7 new strengths
Brand value is becoming a company's most valuable asset. A brand that creates the most value, that is closest to the customer and that proves itself to be the most trusted stands out in the sector and is an indication of a solid financial performance and an ability to move forward confidently into the future. The "100 Most Valuable
Brands" survey, which was prepared again this year for Capital by the British BrandFinance consulting company, brings together the most successful companies in Turkey in terms of creating and increasing brand value. The leader in the 2011 study was Türk Telekom. İş Bankası ranked second and Turkcell third. There were a lot of companies on the list which have caught the eye by increasing the value of their brand over the last year. So how have companies succeeded in increasing "value"? The answer to this question reveals seven main strategies. They are: an innovative approach, rapid growth, focusing on the customer, being sensitive and responsible, standing out from the crowd, being accessible and reliability. Here are Turkey's most valuable brands...
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