CEO's 2014 agenda

A total of 60 per cent of the 106 CEOs who participated in the survey said that they expected their business to go well next year, while 7 per cent thought it would go very well.

25.03.2014 13:41:410
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CEO's 2014 agenda

Akfen CEO Süha Güçsav says: “This is an extremely important development for a country like Turkey whose current account deficit makes it dependent on foreign financing for growth. The result is, as we saw in 2013, an increase in interest rates and an extremely important risk in terms of raising funding costs.” Kibar Holding CEO Ali Kibar notes that the pressure resulting from FED decisions increases foreign exchange volatility. He continues as follows:

Productivity is now at the top of the CEOs’ agendas, Productivity tops the agendas of 35.8 per cent of CEOs, followed by growth for 19.8 per cent and sustainability for 17 per cent. Coming to how productivity will be achieved...

62 per cent of CEOs are looking to make savings and reduce costs. 7.4 per cent say that they will cut back on investments. 6.6 per cent have decided to use foreign sources of funding. Productivity tops the agenda of Migros General Manager Özgür Tort. Tort summarises his productivity strategy as follows: “An approach based on productivity, double digit growth, reaching the most customers through the most outlets and providing our customers with a unique, high standard shopping experience are items which are permanently at the top of our agenda.”

Growth is another item that tops CEOs’ agendas. So how will companies grow? 2013 was an extremely active year in terms of mergers and acquisitions. There were 132 deals in the first quarter.

These deals were dominated by industrial production, retailing, services, energy and financial services. So what do CEOs think about this issue in 2014? Will they opt for organic or inorganic growth? Which sectors do they think will come to the fore in 2014? In which regions are they looking for opportunities?


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