The ambitious target of the third generation of chocolatiers

We spoke with Özokur, who plans a 20 per cent growth in chocolate every year, at Ülker’s headquarters in the Çamlıca district of Istanbul.

1.06.2013 00:00:000
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The ambitious target of the third generation of chocolatiers

Capital: Will there be any new acquisitions?
- Our main target is to strengthen our brands on the domestic market. Then we are targeting regional leadership. If a decision is taken to buy a new company, we shall go for inorganic growth. But at the moment we are not planning an acquisition. Over the next five years, we are aiming to introduce new products and increase this by 20 per cent in terms of both tonnage and turnover. At the moment, the issues on which we are focused are innovation and growth. In order to increase consumption, we are focusing on lighter and healthier products.

Capital:  Can we see you in a new area in three years’ time?
- The lifespan of my other operations was very short. There were those who were asking: “What will Ahmet Bey be doing in three years’ time?” To tell the truth, I liked to be at the center of the things. It is really great to be in the headquarters of the business. My own targets include growing the foodstuffs business and growing in the foodstuffs business. I think that, after this, I cannot go off and start working in packaging.


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