Turkey's philanthropists

For a long time, donations in Turkey were done by hand.

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Turkey's philanthropists

Second to Mustafa Koç in terms of donations over the last ten years was Bilkent Holding Board Chair Ali Doğramacı with a total of TL 762 million. Fiba Holding Board Chair Hüsnü Özyeğin ranked third with TL 675 million in donations. Doğramacı ranked fourth in the list for donations in 2012 with TL 63.5 million. Hüsnü Özyeğin ranked second in the list of philanthropists in 2012 with total donations of TL 137 million. Both Doğramacı and Özyeğin attach special importance to education in their universities and other CSR projects. They allocate a major proportion of their donations to education.

The survey revealed the donation culture and the profile of donations in Turkey. It clarified a number of issues, such as how many years philanthropic businesspeople have been making donations, the areas on which they have concentrated these donations and their plans for future donations. A total of 57 per cent of the philanthropists who participated in the survey have been making donations for over 30 years. 24.5 per cent started donating by educating children, 21.3 per cent by building schools and 17.4 per cent by providing aid to the poor.

Those who made donations by providing cash still account for the majority. 30.6 per cent of businesspeople only donate by providing cash. Those who make donations in kind accounted for 28.6 per cent. 26.5 per cent of the participants in the survey made donations via foundations. 4.1 per cent said that they made donations by allocating finds to CSR projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility Association President Serdar Dinler said that in recent years a growing number of businesspeople have become actively involved in trying to resolve social problems. He says that, while doing so, they made more donations in corporate structures and more transparently than the classical method.

Philanthropists focus a significant proportion of their donations on education and health. 29.1 per cent of those who participated in the survey said that they focused on education, 19.4 per cent on health and social services, 13.8 per cent on disaster areas, 12.2 per cent on regional and human development projects, 10.2 per cent on the environment, 2.6 per cent on sports and 2 per cent on every area. Those who participated in the survey were eager to increase their donations. 81.4 per cent of the philanthropists intended increasing their donations over the next five years.


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