Turkey's philanthropists

For a long time, donations in Turkey were done by hand.

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Turkey's philanthropists
Philanthropic businesspeople would fulfil their social responsibilities by building schools, hospitals, mosques and dormitories or by distributing money. The first philanthropists were the wealthy leaders of the Turkish business world such as people like Vehbi Koç, İzzet Baysal, Sakıp Sabancı, Ayhan Şahenk and Kadir Has. Even though they are no longer alive, their families and the companies and foundations they established are continuing their philanthropic work. At Capital we have realized another first. With the support of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and Fatma Şahin, the Minister for the Family and Social Policies, we have produced the first ever list of “Turkey’s 50 Philanthropic Businesspeople”. The top three places in the philanthropists’ list are occupied by Koç, Fiba and Doğuş, representatives of companies which have a tradition of philanthropy going back many years.

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In the rest of the world, businesspeople are involved in a lot of philanthropic activities, making major contributions to their countries and the regions in which they live. Recently, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have vowed to donate half of their wealth to philanthropic works and support for the campaigns they have launched is growing. In order to become a member of the The Giving Pledges Foundation, billionaire bosses have to donate at least half of their wealth to charitable causes. The 105 billionaire members include Hasso Plattner, the founder of SAP, Richard Branson, the CEO of the Virgin Companies Group, Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, George Lucas, the producer of Star Wars, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. These people have been included in the studies of philanthropists which have long been conducted by various publications from around the world.

When preparing the “Turkey’s 50 Philanthropic Businesspeople” study, Capital tried to contact all of the major groups and companies in Turkey. The basis of the study is a survey questionnaire. The board chairs participated in the survey on behalf of their companies or groups. The rankings were formulated on the basis of the answers to the survey questions “How much have you donated in total in the last ten years?” and “How much did you donate in total in 2012?” According to the results, Koç Holding Board Chair Mustafa Koç was the leading business philanthropist in Turkey in terms both of donations over the last ten years and donations in 2012. In addition to donations to the Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKV) and their companies’ CSR projects, over the last ten years the group donated TL 1.1 billion in cash and in kind, while the figure for 2012 was TL 185.6 million. These donations were mainly focused on education, health and culture and the arts.


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