We shall take Pınar outside Turkey

Pınar Yiğitbaşı’s answers to our questions.

1.12.2013 00:00:000
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We shall take Pınar outside Turkey
”During the four years she has been in her post, Yaşar Holding İdil Yiğitbaşı has grown the group considerably. She says that the group closed last year with turnover of TL 3.2 billion and will record a growth rate of 10 per cent in 2013. She underlines that they will achieve the target they announced last year of “$500 million in investments over the next five years, turnover of TL 7 billion in 2017”. But she adds that they will not expand outside their existing sectors in order to achieve this growth. Yiğitbaşı says: “We are developing new markets. We have increased our foreign sales by 20 per cent this year. Our target is to take Pınar in particular outside Turkey.” Here are Yiğitbaşı’s answers to our questions:

Capital: You have headed Yaşar Holding for the last four years. When you look at the balance sheet for these four years, what has changed since you took over?
- We had a lot of targets but the most important was related to the paint sector. We have grown significantly in paint. Our full capacity utilization areas have increased. We have doubled the turnover of our paint group. We have raised our company’s ranking still higher. We have reached a certain level in competition. We have changed the appearance of DYO. At the end of 2012, DYO’s turnover reached TL 486 million. We are the top paint company, the leader, of the Turkish paint sector. We are very ambitious in this regard.

Capital: How has 2013 been? What will the group’s total turnover be?
- The holding’s total turnover has reached TL 3.2 billion. We have set a target of 10 per cent every year. We shall achieve this target. We are aiming to grow more than the Turkish average.

Capital: Foodstuffs and soft drinks are very important for Yaşar Holding. How is your performance there?
- We are aiming to be more successful abroad in some categories. In cheese in particular, we want to become an international brand. Pınar has made very good progress in this regard in Turkey. It has significant market shares in the Gulf countries.


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