We want to take more risk

We spoke with Kocabıyık about the issues that people are curious about, from the transformation at Borusan to new projects.

25.03.2014 13:45:270
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We want to take more risk

Our goal is to ensure that those who work under our executives are dynamic people who are a little more ambitious. In the future, we want to be a holding which is more dynamic, takes more risk and is more innovative. We want to create a Borusan workforce which does more than it is required and is more entrepreneurial.

What will be the new business areas where you will take more risks?
We are always ready to enter new business areas. We are evaluating opportunities. We are not so interested in energy tenders. We are more interested in wind energy. As there are no wind power plants to be privatized, we are building our own energy plants from scratch. As a result, we are not very interested in privatization.

But we have considerable potential to grow in our existing businesses. Of the fields that we have entered recently, there are great opportunities in energy in particular. For this reason, we are concentrated on energy. The shale gas sector is on the agenda in the USA. In the future, we may enter the shale gas business in Turkey.

We want to be one of the pioneers if research starts on shale gas in Turkey. We are continuing to hold talks with the Energy Ministry.  We want to form a partnership with a company that knows this business. We need to acquire know-how. We want to be a pioneer in the extraction of shale gas in Turkey. We are looking at opportunities.

What are your targets in energy?
In energy, we have investments in wind and hydroelectrics. In energy we are mainly focused on wind. We have several licenses for hydroelectric power plants but, to be honest, we are a little cautious about entering this field. Because environmental issues are becoming very important in Turkey.


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