CEO's 2014 agenda

A total of 60 per cent of the 106 CEOs who participated in the survey said that they expected their business to go well next year, while 7 per cent thought it would go very well.

25.03.2014 13:41:410
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CEO's 2014 agenda

According to the CEO Profile survey, 51 per cent of CEOs said that they would grow organically in 2014. 24 per cent said that there was a possibility of acquiring a company, while 9 per cent said that they may buy a plant and 6 per cent said that they may buy a brand,

Each year, Capital’s CEO Profile survey reveals CEOs’ investment plans. 25 per cent of CEOs are planning investments of $10-50 million in 2014, while 21.1 per cent are looking at investments of $1-5 million and 20.2 per cent at investments of $5-10 million.

Coming to the details of these investments. Yıldız Entegre General Manager Hakkı Yıldız says that “investment is the first item on our agenda” and notes that they realise large-scale investments every year. He had the following to say about their new investment plans:

“Now we are looking both to open up to the outside world in this sector and to invest in a different sector. 2014 will be the scene of some very exciting beginnings for us. When a peaceful environment is established in its neighbouring countries, Turkey will become a magnet in the medium to long-term.”


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