New ones are coming activity is increasing

All the companies in every sector know it.

1.03.2013 00:00:000
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New ones are coming activity is increasing
The era of communicating with people by just selling goods and services is over. It is now necessary to develop different, beneficial projects and touch people by using them. The results of the “Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders” survey which was conducted by Capital and GfK Türkiye confirm this reality... Every company in the list has succeeded in establishing a special place for itself in its stakeholders’ hearts. They have attracted attention through the increases in their market value through their CSR efforts.
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The “Turkish Leaders in Social Responsibility” survey, which is the first in its field, reveals the perceptions of the general public and the business community of the performance of companies in Turkey in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Coming to the CSR leaders in the new era... The study was conducted in two stages and it was striking that the survey revealed no changes in the general public’s top five over the last three years. It was Sabancı Holding which again ranked first in the general public’s social responsibility league. Sabancı was followed, in order, by Turkcell, Koç Holding, Yıldız Holding and Arçelik. Experts say that these companies are viewed by the general public as having become established in the field of social responsibility and that this is the most important reason for them spending so many years at the summit. There are also companies which are moving rapidly up the rankings. Doğan Holding, which ranked 16th last year, has risen to sixth this year. Garanti ranks ninth this year, up from 20th last year. Companies which were not included in the list last year, but had sometimes featured in previous years, such as Zorlu Holding, Opet, Borusan Holding, Yapı Kredi, Nokia, Boyner, Danone and Aygaz, have entered the league again this year.

This year, as every year, the general publics were unanimous that the business community needed to be sensitive when it came to social corporate responsibly. The proportion of those who believed that the business community had an important responsibility in this regard stood at 63 percent. A total of 14 percent of those who participated in the survey thought that there was no need for the business community to assume responsibilities on social issues, while 23 percent did not have any opinion on the subject, It was striking that 50 percent of the general public said that the business community’s social responsibility efforts were “neither sufficient, nor insufficient”. The reasons why these efforts were considered insufficient varied... 25 percent of those who found the efforts insufficient said that the activities that were conducted were not continuous and argued that companies needed to be more committed. 15.4 percent said that there needed to be more activities, that they should be broader and that companies needed to make their voices better heard. 8.1 percent of participants in the survey said that companies did not give importance to the country’s problems and thought only of their own interests.


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