Preparing for major price hikes

Companies that are cutting profits will increase prices in 2014

1.10.2013 00:00:000
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Preparing for major price hikes

“The breadth of our product portfolio and the variety on our market provides price stability and we are protecting our cost advantage. But these factors will not allow us to go on like this forever. For this reason, we have established the first R&D center in our sector and brought more innovative products onto our agenda. Secondly, we are improving our processes and taking measures to increase productivity.”

Çilek Mobilya General Manager Muzaffer Çilek stresses the same points. “In response to the increases in costs, our most important strategies are working to improve processes and raising productivity,” he says, adding: “In this way we are removing activities that do not add any value from our processes. This enables us to reduce the amount by which we pass on price rises to our consumers.”


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