Prioritizing turnover

They believe that growth in turnover will bring profits in its wake.

1.10.2013 00:00:000
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Prioritizing turnover

Following our entry into the appetizer category, which is new for us, we have strengthened our distribution network and increased our communications budget. We are receiving the returns we expected from all of these investments.”

Those who are focused on growth in profits in 2013 are extremely upbeat. For example, Medianova CEO Serkan Sevim is very upbeat about the company’s plan to increase its profits by 120 per cent. Sevim explains why they are focusing on profits rather than turnover as follows:

“Profitability is extremely important for a company's healthy, independent growth. It is like oxygen. Because growth without profit needs to be financed through borrowing or selling shares. There is a limit to this. The recent closure of a string of popular ecommerce companies is a saddening but real result. My priority is growth in profits first and then turnover.”


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