We shall take Pınar outside Turkey

Pınar Yiğitbaşı’s answers to our questions.

1.12.2013 00:00:000
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We shall take Pınar outside Turkey

We are even the market leader in cream cheese in the Gulf countries. We are developing new markets. We have increased our foreign sales by 20 per cent this year. Now our target is to take Pınar outside Turkey. Pınar should not just be a Turkish brand but an international brand. In milk and dairy products our main markers are the Gulf countries, the Middle East, Europe and the Turkic Republics. In addition, we also have exports to the USA. We have great potential in meat products. We are exporting fish to Europe and the USA. We have exports of water and are also working to develop our dairy and meat products. We are one of the most important exporters in Turkey in several categories.

Capital: What are the figures for the group’s exports and revenue from abroad?
- In 2012, the Yaşar Group’s revenue from abroad stood at $124 million and our exports were $95 million. Foodstuffs and soft drinks account for 65 per cent of this. We export to more than 40 different countries. Pınar alone accounts for 22 per cent of Turkey’s exports of milk and dairy products. In addition to exports, there are also products that we buy and sell abroad. We produce paint in Russia. We do not yet have any foodstuffs production facilities of our own abroad. We sub-contract production for the Pınar brand.

Capital: In how many categories do you have a presence with the Pınar brand?
- We have a presence in 14 categories. In terms of turnover, Pınar is the market leader in long life milk, spreadable cheese, enriched milk for children and organic milk. In meat, it continues to be the market leader in sucuk, salami and sausage products in the delicatessen market and in frozen meat products. For years, Pınar has also been the first brand that comes to mind in the milk and packaged meat products. According to a survey of customer satisfaction conducted by KALDER, in milk, meat, water and fruit juice, we are the brand with which customers are most satisfied.

Capital: You said that in the last four years, you have doubled in size in paint. Have you experienced a similar growth in foodstuffs?
- We have not grown so much there but our growth rate has been above the sectoral
average every year. The rates of increase in our exports have been higher but the average rate of growth has been around 10 per cent.


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