There will be a huge boom

The maritime sector is one of the investment areas that is attracting the attention of the big bosses.

1.08.2011 00:00:000
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There will be a huge boom

Capital: What is the minimum investment needed to enter the maritime sector?
- The figure depends on the size of the ship that you want to buy... Today, a ship of 120-150,000 dwt costs $38 million. In the past you used to be able to enter the business with a ship like this, but it isn't really possible anymore. You need to come in with more capital. You need to start with at least two vessels. In the past, ship-owning used to be seen as one of the professions which needed the most capital and which it was most difficult to enter. It is still the same... In the end, you are buying a floating factory.

Capital: How long does it take before you get your investment back?
- If you had bought a vessel two years ago, then you could have got your investment back in 6-7 year. But today it takes at least ten years to get a return. For this reason, the first rule in our profession is timing. The time when you are going to buy a ship becomes very important.

Capital: Have recent investments resulted in a change in which Turkish ship-owning is perceived in the global maritime sector?
- These investments have been very good from the perspective of global perceptions of the Turkish maritime sector. The influence of your profession in the global arena varies according to the turnover in the sector. Turkey and Turkish companies have begun to attract more attention in this respect. But, of course, this change has increased the sector's need for professional personnel.

Capital: What needs to be done in order to increase our global influence?
- The sector now has a strong infrastructure. The Turkish Maritime Foundation (TÜDEV) school was converted into a university two years ago. A good education creates good human resources. The structure of the sector has become more liberalized. Personally, I think that the Turkish maritime sector has passed through a significant stage. For example, there have been no major bankruptcies in this sector in Turkey. In Greece and in Germany there has been a bloodbath. This is a great success... But I believe that today we have shortcomings when it comes to a professional workforce.


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