We shall take Pınar outside Turkey

Pınar Yiğitbaşı’s answers to our questions.

1.12.2013 00:00:000
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We shall take Pınar outside Turkey

Capital: As you enter 2014, do you have any targets for the new year in terms of investments and growth?
- We review our strategies every year. We make a three year strategic plan. At the moment we are in that period. We laid the foundations for the third Pınar Süt factory in Şanlıurfa. It is an important and strategic investment. Milk is a raw material that is procured locally. We are aiming to increase milk production in that region. We have already begun work. We shall manufacture products such as milk, yoghurt and ayran there. We shall have a factory that will be very important in terms of exports to neighbouring counties. In addition, we shall continue to work on investments for new products and capacity increases for each of our companies. These investments will result in our capacity in milk and dairy products increasing to 900 million litres.

Capital: You mentioned a turnover target of TL 7 billion in 2017. Has there been any change?
- It is the same. There has been no major change. Over the last decade, Yaşar Holding has realised fixed investment to the value of around TL 600 million in real terms. Around TL 300 million of this has been realised in the last five years. Approximately TL 75 million of this was realised in 2012. Pınar Süt’s new factory investment in Şanlıurfa, that is planned to become operational in 2014, is very important. The factory is planned to cover an area of 100,000 square metres and will create a direct or indirect source of income for 5,000 people in the region.

Capital: How large a budget does the group allocate to R&D?
- We monitor our R&D budget. The percentages in the different companies vary. But we are planning to increase this budget. At the same time, we are investing in human resources. We want to make Yaşar Holding the company in which people most want to work. This is a very important target for is. Almost all of our executives have been raised and come up through the ranks of our companies.


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