Everyone is on the road

Here are all the details of the rise of Anatolia.

1.10.2012 00:00:000
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Everyone is on the road
Coca-Cola İçecek has chosen Elazığ for its latest plant, Algida has opted for Konya. In the last five years, Migros has opened 230 supermarkets in Anatolia. Within the same timeframe, Kiğili, Aydınlı, Mudo, İpekyol and Damat have opened 230 stores in Anatolia. Chains of private schools and private hospitals are spreading across Anatolia. The tourism industry is preparing to invest $3.5 billion in hotels. In short, Anatolia’s share in every sector is rising. Investments are shifting to Anatolia. Here are all the details of the rise of Anatolia.

Those who are investing in Anatolia include both medium-sized players and multinationals and large holdings. When one looks at the situation from a sectoral perspective, then energy investments in particular come to the fore. For example, Anadolu Holding has an energy investment in Sinop Gerze, while Saran Holding has energy investments in Bursa, Erzurum, Mersin and Tunceli, Coca Cola İçecek took the costs of transporting products into consideration in opening its latest plant in Elazığ. Algida, Unilever’s leading ice-cream brand, chose Konya for its most recent investment. Algida Marketing Director Özgür Kölükfakı says: “The logistical advantages resulting from the ease of procuring raw materials and the economic development of the region played a role in us opting for Konya. The other important factors were the high quality workforce, the industrial infrastructure and the low earthquake risk.” Taşyapı, which is well-known in the construction sector, is preparing to make industrial investments in Anatolia. Taşyapı Board Chair Emrullah Turanlı says: “60 percent of Anatolia is suitable for industrial investments. We have developed $100 million of financing for tourism and energy.”

In fact, it was the retail sector which was the first to discover Anatolia’s potential. In the last five years there has been an increase in the number of companies opening stores in Anatolia in every branch of retailing. Outside the three metropolises of Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, Migros has 417 stores in Anatolia, of which 230 have been opened in the last five years. Migros General Manager Özgür Tort explains their main approach as follows: “The population growth in the provinces of Anatolia over the last ten years, the increasing industrialization and the investment figures and the new residential areas that have arisen in parallel to these developments caught our attention and were influential in attracting us to these regions.” For this reason, 60 percent of the new stores that Migros will open by 2016 will be in Anatolia. In the same way, over the last five years, Carrefoursa has invested in more than 60 new stores in provinces outside the main cities.


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