The incredible growth!

An incredible rise in growth made its mark on the Capital500 list this year.

1.08.2012 00:00:000
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The incredible growth!

Last year, turnover of TL 9.39 billion was required to enter the top five in the Capital500 rankings, rising by 25.6 percent this year to TL 11.8 billion. There was a major increase in the threshold for entry into the top three. This year, turnover of TL 14.9 billion was necessary to enter the top three, up 37 percent on TL 10.8 billion last year. Last year, there were 94 companies which had turnover of more than TL 1 billion. It is striking that this year 123 companies on the list had turnover of more than TL 1 billion. Last year, only four companies at the top of the list recorded turnover of more than TL 10 billion, whereas this year the figure was seven.


The decline in profitability for the Capital500 companies as a whole did not have a major impact on the companies in the highest ranks of the list. This year, Turk Telekom announced profits of TL 2,609,099,000, making it the most profitable company in the Capital500 list. Türk Telekom was followed, in order, by Turkcell with TL 1,626,071,000 and Tüpraş with TL 1,542,183,000. Except for Tüpraş, both Turkcell and Türk Telekom experienced a decline in profits. There were positive signs in the other indicators for the list as a whole. Only 22 of the companies on the Capital500 list contracted. 95 companies recorded growth of over 50 percent. 12 large companies had exports of over $1 billion. 35 companies recorded triple digit growth in exports, which is an important indicator that the performance was better than last year. Coming to the leading three in the “500 Largest Companies in Turkey” list... Tüpraş, Petrol Ofisi and Türk Telekom had shared the top three positions in the list for the last two years. There was no change this year in the top two. However, Opet Petrolcülük recorded a significant advance this year to rank third overall. This success was largely based on the momentum the company has achieved in the energy sector.


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