The target sectors

Today a lot of groups are looking for new sectors...

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The target sectors
Groups like Safi, Genpa, Doğanlar and Kipaş are looking for investment opportunities in energy, while groups such as Global Yatırım, Zorlu and Güriş are looking at mining. IC Holding is interested in infrastructure and superstructure projects with a technology component. Doğan Holding will follow privatisations in infrastructure management and games of chance. Opportunities are also being sought in sectors such as logistics, foodstuffs, retailing and real estate.THE leading groups and companies in Turkey are looking to increase their investments and growth in 2013. The CEOs of Koç, Sabancı, Doğuş, Borusan and Doğan Holding say that in the near future they will focus on increasing production and employment and are preparing to enter new sectors. For example, Sabancı Holding is planning to invest nearly $2 billion in 2013 and stay close to the services and logistics sector. The Holding’s CEO Zafer Kurtul has announced that in the near future they may invest in the services and logistics sectors. Koç Holding CEO Turgay Durak says that in 2013 they are targeting investments with a combined total value of approximately $4 billion. A lot of companies, both large and small, are looking to enter new sectors in the near future. When we look at the new sectors that the groups are focusing on, it is energy, mining, infrastructure, logistics, services, foodstuffs, retailing and real estate which come to the fore.

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In recent years, energy has been the sector which has attracted the most investment. It is also the main target of many groups who are looking to enter a new sector. These groups include Ülker, Kipaş, Safi Holding, Genpa and Doğanlar... Safi Holding Board Chair Hakan Safi explains that they are particularly focused on a thermal power plant which uses imported coal. “At the moment we are planning an investment in a 3500 MW thermal power plant,” says Safi. Genpa Deputy Board Chair M. Fatih Erdem says: “Our areas of interest in energy are energy production, particularly using renewable sources of energy, energy storage, distribution and savings.” Davut Doğan, the head of the Doğanlar Group, which has grown into a furniture giant, is also among those who are looking at energy as a new sector... “I think that energy will be one of the sectors of the future,” says Doğan. The company is continuing construction work on a 19  MW dam in Erzurum.


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